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Mercedes Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture classic Mercedes steering wheels from various models.

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Mercedes 500K

  • Mercedes 170

  • Mercedes 320

  • Mercedes 300

  • Mercedes Ponton

  • Mercedes 220 Se

  • Mercedes 300 Sl

  • Mercedes 190 SL

  • Mercedes 600

  • Mercedes 250

  • Mercedes 230 SL

  • Mercedes Pagoda

  • Mercedes 280

  • Mercedes S Class

  • Mercedes 300 SEL

  • Mercedes W114

  • Mercedes W107

  • Mercedes 350 SL

Mercedes-Benz, a brand synonymous with exceptional engineering and luxury, has a diverse range of steering wheel designs spanning from pre-war to post-war models. Our restoration services are adept at handling the unique requirements of these various steering wheels, ensuring they align with Mercedes-Benz's high standards of quality and design.

In the pre-war era, Mercedes-Benz 540K models were equipped with cast aluminum Bakelite steering wheels. These wheels are not only rare but also a significant part of automotive history, reflecting the advanced engineering and luxurious design of the time. Our restoration process for these steering wheels involves careful attention to preserving their original design and material integrity, ensuring they continue to embody the essence of Mercedes-Benz's pre-war era.

Moving into the post-war period, Mercedes-Benz produced a wide range of saloon and sports cars, featuring steering wheels predominantly in ivory and black. These color schemes were a classic choice, providing a timeless and elegant look that complemented the interiors of iconic models such as the Gull-Wing, Roadster, and the 190, 130, 280, and 300 series. We have the specialized tooling required to recast these steering wheels, ensuring they match the original specifications and maintain the distinctive Mercedes-Benz aesthetic.

Whether it's a pre-war cast aluminum Bakelite wheel or a post-war ivory and black steering wheel, our restoration services are designed to bring these classic Mercedes-Benz steering wheels back to their former glory. We understand the importance of maintaining the historical and aesthetic integrity of these luxury vehicles, and our work is committed to upholding the prestigious legacy of Mercedes-Benz.

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