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Maserati Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Maserati steering wheels from various models.

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Maserati Quarto Porte

  • Maserati Mexico

  • Maserati Kyalmi

  • Maserati Indy

  • Maserati 5000 GT

  • Maserati Sebring

  • Maserati Mistral

  • Maserati 3500 GT

  • Maserati Ghibli

  • Maserati Bora

  • Maserati Merak

  • Maserati Khamsin

  • Maserati A6150

  • Masrati A6G/54

Maserati, the iconic Italian manufacturer renowned for its exquisite sports and saloon cars, has a distinct style in its steering wheels, enhancing the overall luxury and performance experience. Our restoration services cater to the unique steering wheels found in various Maserati models, particularly those featuring the craftsmanship of Nardi.

Nardi steering wheels, often found in Maserati vehicles, are known for their elegant wooden rims and aluminum construction. These wheels are further distinguished by an ebony inlay, adding a touch of sophistication and a unique visual appeal. The combination of wood and aluminum speaks to the luxury and sporting heritage of Maserati, while the ebony inlay adds a distinct character to the wheel.

Alongside the Nardi wheels, Maserati also used hard plastic steering wheels in some of its models, such as the 350GT. Recognizing the rarity and value of these components, we have the specialized tooling necessary to recast these steering wheels if necessary. This service ensures that even the more unique and hard-to-find steering wheels can be restored to their original condition, preserving the authenticity of the vehicle.

Our restoration process involves meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that whether it's a Nardi wheel with its intricate ebony inlay or a hard plastic wheel from a classic model like the 350GT, each steering wheel is restored to reflect Maserati's commitment to luxury, quality, and performance. For Maserati owners and enthusiasts, our services offer an opportunity to maintain the distinct elegance and character that is synonymous with the brand.

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