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Lagonda Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Lagonda steering wheels from various models.

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Lagonda 20

  • Lagonda 30

  • Lagonda 11

  • Lagonda 11.9

  • Lagonda 12

  • Lagonda 12/24

  • Lagonda 14/50

  • Lagonda 15/65

  • Lagonda 8 litre

  • Lagonda 16/80

  • Lagonda Rapier

  • Lagonda M45

  • Lagonda 3.5 litre

  • Lagonda LG45

  • Lagonda LG6

  • Lagonda V12

  • Lagonda 2.6 litre

  • Lagonda 3 litre

  • Lagonda Rapide

  • Lagonda Aston Martin

Lagonda, recognized for its status as a top-end car manufacturer, has a rich heritage that is distinctly reflected in its steering wheels. Our expertise in restoration and manufacturing services extends to both the pre-war and post-war models of Lagonda, ensuring that these classic cars retain their luxurious and distinctive appeal.

In the pre-war era, Lagonda models typically featured Bluemels steering wheels and Ashby-type Brooklands steering wheels. Recognizing the significance of these designs, we manufacture these steering wheels with options for 16, 17, and 18-inch rims. Clients can choose between designs with or without finger grips, allowing for customization according to individual preferences and the original specifications of the car. The choice between the sleek Bluemels and the more sporty Brooklands-style wheels reflects the diverse range of options available to Lagonda owners during that period. We also had the honor of restoring Sir Malcom Campbells original Lagonda Ashby Steering Wheel.

Post-war, the focus of Lagonda shifted to models like the 2.6L and 3L. These particular models were equipped with steering wheels used in the Aston Martin DB2. This crossover highlights the close relationship between Lagonda and Aston Martin, both renowned for their luxury and performance. Our services include the restoration of these steering wheels, ensuring they match the original design and craftsmanship expected in such prestigious vehicles.

Whether it’s the classic pre-war Bluemels and Brooklands-style wheels or the post-war wheels shared with Aston Martin, our restoration and manufacturing services are dedicated to preserving the legacy of Lagonda. We understand the importance of maintaining the unique character and quality of these historic vehicles, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures that each steering wheel we work on is a testament to Lagonda's luxurious and prestigious heritage.

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