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Jaguar Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Jaguar steering wheels from various models

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Jaguar Standard 1.5

  • Jaguar Standard 2.5

  • Jaguar Standard 3.5

  • Jaguar SS1

  • Jaguar S100

  • Jaguar XK120

  • Jaguar MKVII

  • Jaguar MKX

  • Jaguar MK1

  • Jaguar MK2

  • Jaguar MK IX

  • Jaguar MK VIII

  • Jaguar MK MKX

  • Jaguar XK140

  • Jaguar XK150

  • Jaguar XK150S

  • Jaguar XKSS

  • Jaguar D Type

  • Jaguar E Type

  • Jaguar 420

  • Jaguar 420G

  • Jaguar XJ6 Series 1, Series 2, Series 3

  • Jaguar XJ12 Series 1, Series 2, Series 3

  • Jaguar Series 1

  • Jaguar XJS

  • Jaguar XJ40

  • Jaguar X308

  • Jaguar X300

  • Jaguar XK8

  • Jaguar XKR

  • Jaguar Standard 1.5

Jaguar, a marque renowned for its blend of elegance and performance, has a storied history, particularly reflected in the evolution of its steering wheels. Our services cater to both the pre-war and post-war steering wheels of Jaguar models, ensuring they retain their classic appeal and functionality.

In the pre-war era, starting with the SS1, Jaguar steering wheels were predominantly made by Bluemels and featured celluloid covers. This material choice was reflective of the era's luxury and style. As Jaguar progressed into the 1930s, the iconic SS100 model emerged. We offer services to manufacture brand new steering wheels for this model, as well as repairing the originals, ensuring they retain their authentic look and feel.

Moving into the post-war period, Jaguar introduced models like the XK120, quickly followed by the XK140 and XK150, as well as a range of saloons including the MK4 through to the MK10. The 1960s period featured the MK1, MK2 and S Type and XJ models. The steering wheels in these models were typically made of either celluloid or a hard, brittle plastic. These materials were chosen for their durability and aesthetic appeal, aligning with Jaguar's reputation for luxury and quality.

Entering the 1960s, Jaguar unveiled the iconic E-type, notable for its wooden rim steering wheel. This marked a shift in design and material, reflecting the changing trends and technological advancements of the era. The wooden rim provided a warm, natural feel, and added an element of sophistication to the vehicle's interior.
The Iconic Le Mans winning Jaguar C-Type we repair and manufacture brand new wheels for this model ideal for originals or replicas. Aswell as making the original 17" version, we also produce undersized 15" versions which can be manufactured with custom spline fitments to customer requirements.
Our restoration and manufacturing services for Jaguar steering wheels are comprehensive, covering a wide range of models and eras. Whether it's a pre-war Bluemels celluloid-covered wheel or a post-war wooden rim wheel from the E-type, our goal is to ensure that each steering wheel is meticulously restored or crafted to reflect Jaguar's heritage of elegance and performance. We understand the importance of preserving the historical and aesthetic integrity of these luxury vehicles, and our work is committed to upholding the prestigious legacy of Jaguar.

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