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Ford Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Ford steering wheels from various models

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Ford Corsa

  • Ford Capri

  • Ford Consel

  • Ford Zodiac

  • Ford Zepher

  • Ford Pilot

  • Ford Prefect

  • Ford Escort

  • Ford Squire

  • Ford Anglia

  • Ford Thunderbird

  • Ford Thames

  • Ford Transit

  • Ford Galaxy

  • Ford Fordson

  • Ford Popular

  • Ford Classic

  • Ford Country Squire

  • Ford Custom

  • Ford Eight

  • Ford Executive

  • Ford Edsel

  • Ford Crown

  • Ford Tew

  • Ford Model A

  • Ford Model T

  • Ford Model Y

  • Ford Model B

  • Ford Model C

  • Ford Model F

  • Ford Model G

  • Ford Model K

  • Ford 1600E

Ford, a globally recognized car manufacturer with a diverse range of vehicles across various eras, offers a wide array of steering wheel designs. Our services are tailored to accommodate the manufacturing and restoration of these steering wheels, ensuring they match Ford's standards of functionality and style.

One of the most popular Ford steering wheels we encounter is from the Ford V8 Pilot. This particular model features a striking marbled tortoiseshell-colored wheel, which stands out for its unique aesthetic. The wheel's design is a banjo type, known for its intricate spoke pattern that not only adds to its visual appeal but also provides a sturdy grip.

Our restoration services for the Ford V8 Pilot's steering wheel involve careful attention to preserving the distinctive marbled tortoiseshell finish, a key element of the wheel's charm. We understand that such unique color patterns are integral to the vehicle's character and strive to maintain the original look and feel during the restoration process.

In addition to the Ford V8 Pilot, we are equipped to handle a variety of steering wheel types from different Ford models and eras. Whether it's a classic model or a more modern vehicle, our team has the expertise and tools needed to either restore the original steering wheel or manufacture a new one that adheres to Ford's design principles.

Our services for Ford vehicles are comprehensive, ensuring that each steering wheel, whether it be a distinctive banjo type from a classic model like the V8 Pilot or a more contemporary design, is treated with the utmost care and precision. We aim to deliver results that not only meet but exceed the expectations of Ford owners and enthusiasts.

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