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Daimler Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Daimler steering wheels from various models

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Daimler Straight Eight

  • Daimler Double Six

  • Daimler Century

  • Daimler Conquest

  • Daimler Consort

  • Daimler Majestic

  • Daimler Majestic Major

  • Daimler Regency

  • Daimler 104

  • Daimler 2.5 V8

  • Daimler DB18

  • Daimler DE27

  • Daimler DE36

  • Daimler DK400

  • Daimler DK450

  • Daimler DS420

  • Daimler Sovereign

  • Daimler Jaguar

Daimler, a marque synonymous with luxury and sophistication, has a rich history in the automotive industry, evolving from producing high-end limousines to more sports-oriented models over the years. Our restoration services cater to the diverse range of steering wheels found in both the pre-war and post-war Daimler vehicles.

In the pre-war era, Daimlers were often associated with luxury and status, frequently serving as chauffeur-driven limousines. The steering wheels in these vehicles were usually covered in celluloid, a material known for its smooth finish and durability. Interestingly, we have also encountered some pre-war Daimlers equipped with hard rubber Ashby Brooklands-type steering wheels. This variation showcases Daimler's commitment to providing both luxury and driving comfort in its vehicles.

Moving into the post-war period, Daimler's design approach shifted, incorporating more sporty elements into its cars. The steering wheels in these post-war models, including the Daimler SP250 Dart, a notable sports car, featured banjo-style steering wheels with hard plastic rims. Notably, the adjustable banjo type wheel in the SP250 Dart shared similarities with the design used in Austin Healey models, reflecting a broader trend in sports car design during that era.

Our expertise in restoring Daimler steering wheels spans this broad spectrum. Whether it's the celluloid-covered wheels of the pre-war luxury limousines or the sportier banjo wheels of the post-war models, we ensure that each restoration or reconstruction preserves the original elegance and functionality of these distinguished vehicles. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of Daimler enthusiasts and collectors, maintaining the legacy and prestige of this iconic luxury car manufacturer. Adding to the post-war Daimler vehicles, our restoration services also extend to the steering wheels of the Conquest, Consort, and Century models. These models, each with their unique charm and character, represent the diverse range of Daimler's automotive excellence.

The Daimler Conquest, Consort, and Century models, while maintaining the luxury and sophistication inherent to the Daimler brand, each have distinct steering wheel designs that reflect their individual identities. The Conquest, known for its blend of elegance and performance, the Consort, celebrated for its classic styling, and the Century, renowned for its advanced features and comfort, all featured steering wheels that were both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Our restoration process for these models is meticulous, focusing on preserving the original design and feel of the steering wheels while ensuring they meet modern standards of quality. Whether it's the intricate details of the Conquest's wheel, the traditional elegance of the Consort's, or the advanced design of the Century's, our team is skilled in restoring these steering wheels to their original glory.

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