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Bristol Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture Bristol Steering Wheels from various models.

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Bristol 400

  • Bristol 401

  • Bristol 402

  • Bristol 403

  • Bristol 404

  • Bristol Arnolt

  • Bristol 405

  • Bristol 406

  • Bristol 450

  • Bristol 407

  • Bristol 408

  • Bristol 409

  • Bristol 410

  • Bristol 411

  • Bristol 412

  • Bristol Beau Fighter

  • Bristol Beaufort

  • Bristol 603

  • Bristol Blenheim

  • Bristol Roadster

  • Bristol Speedster

Bristol Cars, celebrated for producing luxury and distinctive vehicles, offers a diverse range of steering wheel designs across its models. In particular, the Bristol 400 stands apart from its successors - the 403, 405, and 407 - in terms of its steering wheel design.

The Bristol 400, distinctively, featured a steering wheel reminiscent of Aston Martin style, crafted by Bluemels. This design choice set the 400 apart, showcasing a blend of elegance and a classic sports car feel. The Bluemels wheel's design is a nod to the era's luxury and performance-oriented ethos, making the 400 a standout model in the Bristol range. We can manufacture new 400 wheels.

In contrast, the Bristol 403, 405, and 407 models were equipped with a unique shaped Bakelite steering wheel, aligning more closely with the brand's signature aircraft-like aesthetics. These steering wheels are notable for their distinctive shape and material, reflecting Bristol Cars' commitment to innovative design and luxury.

Our restoration services are attuned to these nuances across the Bristol range. We offer specialized restoration for the Bluemels steering wheel of the Bristol 400, ensuring it retains its classic Aston Martin-inspired elegance. For the 403, 405, and 407 models, we focus on preserving the unique characteristics of their Bakelite steering wheels, synonymous with Bristol's luxury and eccentricity.

Whether it's the sporty elegance of the Bristol 400's Bluemels wheel or the unique Bakelite design of the later models, our expertise ensures that each steering wheel is restored to reflect the distinct identity and heritage of each Bristol car model.

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