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BMW Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture classic BMW wheels from various models

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • BMW 328

  • BMW Fraser Nash

BMW, the iconic German car manufacturer, has a rich history of innovative design and engineering, especially evident in their steering wheels. Our services cater to both pre-war and post-war BMW models, ensuring the preservation of their classic appeal.

Pre-war BMWs, particularly popular models like the 325 and 328, were equipped with distinct 3-spoke steering wheels. These were manufactured by Bosch and made from Bakelite, a durable early plastic. A standout feature of these steering wheels is the distinctive grooves on their face, which not only enhanced grip but also added a unique aesthetic characteristic. Understanding the value and rarity of these wheels, we are equipped with the necessary tools to recast and manufacture these vintage steering wheels, ensuring they mirror the original design and quality.

Post-war BMW steering wheels saw a shift in material to hard plastic, maintaining the brand's reputation for quality and durability. Our expertise includes tooling for the steering wheels of the celebrated 503 and 507 models. These post-war models are known for their sleek design and advanced engineering, and the steering wheels play a crucial role in their overall driving experience.

Whether it’s recasting a Bakelite wheel for a pre-war 325 or 328, or manufacturing a hard plastic wheel for a post-war 503 or 507, our restoration and manufacturing services are dedicated to preserving the authentic BMW experience. We ensure that every

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