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AC Steering Wheels

We restore, renew and manufacture AC steering wheels from various models

These models include (but are not limited to):

  • Ace

  • Aceca Greyhound

  • Bristol 427, 428, 289

  • Cobra Shelby

  • Two Litre Saloon

  • Bucklands

  • Frua

AC, one of Britain's oldest car manufacturers, has its roots deeply embedded in Thames Ditton, Surrey. Originally known as Auto-Carriers, this esteemed manufacturer has a rich history of producing some of the fastest cars of their time, like the legendary AC Cobra, as well as some of the slowest, including the unique invalid carriages, popularly referred to as the Invacar.

In the realm of steering wheels, AC's legacy is particularly notable. Pre-war AC cars were equipped with steering wheels covered in celluloid, an early form of plastic, mainly produced by Bluemels Bros. This choice of material was a testament to the innovative spirit of the era. Post-war models, including the celebrated Ace, Aceca and the 2L saloon, featured Banjo steering wheels with hard plastic rims, continuing the tradition of blending functionality with style.

Our workshop is uniquely equipped to handle the restoration and reproduction of these classic AC steering wheels. With specialized tooling and a deep understanding of AC's design ethos, we are capable of faithfully restoring wheels to their original condition or even manufacturing new ones, particularly for the Greyhound Model. Whether it's bringing back the elegance of a pre-war celluloid wheel or replicating the robustness of a post-war Banjo wheel, our team ensures that each steering wheel reflects the rich heritage and pioneering spirit of AC cars. For enthusiasts and collectors, our services offer a blend of authenticity and quality, preserving the legacy of one of Britain's most storied car manufacturers.

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